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Summary: Get an audit done to hit the ground running in 2021. We'll help you to unseat your competitors in organic search.

Talking to the machines

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) essentially refers to the context and intent behind a given search. As AI progresses it understands more and more. Our audit will ensure your site is fluent in speaking to the machines.  To request your audit, simply email  or request it below:

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Why it’s so important

SEO drives valuable conversions for your business. Since you drive more valuable leads to yours site, you are more likely to earn conversions. This means you are wisely using your budget towards leads that will help your business grow.

Below are just some of the dimensions of your SEO we will look at and report on for you:

The technical audit

  1. Desktop Speed
  2. Mobile Speed
  3. Responsive errors
  4. Check page loading [Important SEO pages]
  5. Image Optimization
  6. CSS Optimization
  7. JS optimization
  8. Code Optimization
  9. Home page Optimization
  10. captcha
  11. Plugins
  12. Check security vulnerability

The SEO audit

  1. Competitor Analysis – 2 sites
  2. SEO errors/warnings
  3. GMB account
  4. Keyword Analysis
  5. Metas
  6. Tracking thank you page
  7. Google sitemap
  8. Robots txt implementation
  9. Re submission for indexing
  10. Content Optimization
  11. Categories keywords analysis and optimization
  12. GA Implementation

If you’re ready to start obtaining valuable leads that help grow your business, contact to speak with a strategist!

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